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New Kinnear Short Story!

I’ve made a new short story set in The Kinnear Chronicles available for free (in several formats) on my website. I had a lot of fun writing this one. Compared to the last one, it’s quite a bit more light-hearted (mostly) and was written almost purely for entertainment purposes. That said, keep an eye open for a few hidden plot-advancing gems hidden amidst the fluff…

Check it out!

The Kinnear Chronicles: A Very Merry Yule
It’s time for the mid-winter Yule celebrations, and Alys Kinnear is
determined to see to it that her boyfriend, Ben Donovan, enjoys it as he never has before. Doing so, to Ben’s discomfort, means taking him along on their visit to the new Swindon home of Alys’s parents: her mother, Deirdre, and her step-father (and former teacher) Jonathan Tremane.

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